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P3 LED Poster for Italian Retail Shop Advertising

Our P3 LED Poster Screen is perfect for advertising & information, such as retail, events, exhibitions and conferences etc. Theres an Italian retail shop for our P3 LED Poster Display. It looks great for customers store. Nice applications for retail advertising with our user-friendly led poster panels. 

LED Poster Screen

Digital Advertising LED Poster color tips:

Color scheme, there are currently several trends: blue, green, light yellow

Blue has a stable mood and reduces fatigue, while dark blue has a more pronounced sedative effect.

Green is a symbol of stability and stability, reminiscent of nature and the effect of relaxing your eyes. Green has a dual effect on calming and analgesia in our nervous system, which can relieve mental tension and physical pain.

Yellow is a symbol of hope, happiness, and happiness, but yellow gives a safety warning

The dark color is oppressive and heavy, and the bright red color is easy to make people tired, so it is not good for the eyes to be too cold and too warm. It is better to take the middle and cold colors, such as green.

In addition, the absorption and reflection of light by various colors are different. Red reflects 67% of the light, 65% of the yellow reflection, and 47% of the green reflection. The reflection is less good for vision protection.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a green and blue color scheme.


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