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Introduce the Front Maintenance LED module maintenance

Specifically can be divided into the following areas.

1.The front maintenance led screen thickness is thin: no need to keep maintenance channel, can greatly expand the use space, reduce the renovation cost, to meet the narrow space or the high screen thickness requirements of places.

2.Increase the horizon: small pitch screen for indoor viewing, has certain requirements for the optimum viewing distance, the thickness of back maintenance screen is at least 800mm, shorten the distance of display screen and the audience, reduce viewing effect.

3.Easy maintenance, save manpower and transportation costs: no need professional engineers, the user can disassemble and maintain front maintenance led sign and replace spare parts from the front side by himself。

4.Reduce the renovation cost: the front maintenance screen installed against the wall,and thickness control, easier to coordinate with others, reduce the decoration costs of whole coordination.

front maintenance led screen


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