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NSE Outdoor LED Totem Display

As an old saying goes, one's man meat is another man's poison. Customers' opinions on the same product represent the best testimony of this proverb. Though most clients favor thinner frame LED posters nowadays, but still, there are some who would prefer a thicker cabinet design. If comparing New model outdoor slim LED poster to the chic guy, the following model will be the gentleman.


Outdoor LED Totem Display 

Outdoor LED Totem Display is usually used in all kinds of outdoor public area, like airport, railway and bus station. Comparing to indoor LED display, the design of the outdoor LED cabinet should consider more factors. From daily dust to extreme weather, the outdoor environment is more complicated than indoor. Therefore, the NSE team attaches great importance to waterproof and dust-proof while designing the initial outdoor LED poster. Considering there will be collision and impact, the cabinet is designed to be very thick, it's more stable. Also, the tempered glass on the surface of the LED board will effectively protect lamps from damaging. We made sets of strict tests before introducing the outdoor LED totem display to market, anti-magnetic, and anti-static guarantee safe usage. The brightness of outdoor LED poster display is much higher than indoor, our Outdoor LED Totem Display is available to reach 5000nits. But during the practical application, the night time will not need such high brightness. To achieve energy saving, we designed a built-in light sensor for the outdoor LED poster. With the sensor, the LED screen can change the brightness according to the outdoor environment, less electricity waste. The display size of the outdoor LED totem display is bigger than the outdoor slim LED poster, so P4 is enough for the screen is display videos and pictures. Software configured for LED poster supports sending content remotely and nearly, easy and convenient.

















If you have any interesting ideas on improving our NSELED product, please feel free to contact us. Your concern matters the most, NSE Team is looking forward to hearing from you.


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