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Differences Between Outdoor Rental LED panel And LCD Display

Most of us understand Light-emitting diode Outdoor Rental LED sign,the makeup of the Outdoor Rental LED Display board,every stage is one or more light-emitting diode,diode controlled from the control circuit to control the purpose of lighting off and on the lighting,so the whole large screen displays layout.

LCD Monitor is the most Frequent form,It's from the light source,liquid crystal ,and control processors,along with his bright,white light is lit,Once the light through the liquid crystal (LCD)Whenever the voltage varies by the path of liquid crystal filter,thus changing the colour and intensity of each stage to show that the pattern.The gap between them:

1、Outdoor Rental LED panel,picture quality generally,suitable for outside large screen,the cost is low.LCD high price area can't do much,but also the picture of great quality,appropriate for screen.

2、big power diodes,liquid crystal little power consumption.

3、diode picture refresh rate is reduced,the large LCD.

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