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Why choose LED over LCD?

NSE LED Iphone shape indoor P4 LED totem was perfectly displayed at a university in South America,our customer was satisfied with screen showing perfermance. Although this is an indoor product but brightness is very high and can be used in semi-outdoor. Compared with LCD products, there is a big advantage. If you are still using LCD please spend some time to see the difference between our products and LCD.                         

                                                                       Why choose LED over LCD?

1.Brightness:For indoor LED units can reach at least 1500nits,outdoor can reach 6500nits.LCD are only able to reach around 600nits.

2.Power consumption:The power consumption for an LED Poster is only 1/10 of used in LCD panel. ( Comparable with same size).

3.Life span:LED poster are anti-UV,which makes it's lifespan longer and reliablity higher.For LCD just can use around 3years but for LED the life span can reach 10years.

4.Maintainence:When there is the problem with one panel just need replace the LED lamp or 1 samll module,but for LCD need replace the whole panel.The cost is higher.

5.Advantage:The LED advertising poster has wider viewing angle,and much higher contrast,which means that an LED unit will have a much clearer picture,with more vivid color.

6.Size:LED poster screen size are flexible,we can manufacture the size according to the clients' need.


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