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New arrival, NSE P4 outdoor flexible LED module

The ever-changing and advancing technology brings more possibilities to innovation. While people are amazed at the SMD digital board. But the transparent LED display and 3D hologram LED fan is gradually step in the market and becomes a darling of advertising and design company. The flat displays almost exist in every aspect of our life. Today we gonna show you something different.


The traditional LED module used to build an LED wall is flat and not bendable. the limitation appears when use to angle design and round shape surface, so the flexible LED module comes into being. A few years ago, the flexible LED module is only indoor applicable due to the limitation of the technology. Thanks to the hard work of the R&D team, we have a flexible outdoor LED module available in the market now. The outdoor flexible LED module has several advantages as follow:


- Bendable
The nature of the flexible LED module enables LED screens more creative in shapes. such as ribbon, wave, column, and S-shape. Making the display more attractive therefore the advertising effect can be maximized.

- High brightness
The brightness of the outdoor flexible LED module is 4500nits. This brightness ensures the content plays on the screen vividly even under strong sunlight.

- Waterproof
The outdoor environment is more complicated than indoor. there are extreme weather should be taken into consideration. The outdoor P4 flexible LED display is IP65, which guarantees a stable performance on a rainy day.

- Easy maintenance
To make future maintenance easier, the outdoor flexible LED module adopts a magnetic front-maintenance design. The broken parts can be replaced fast from the front side of the screen, much labor, and time-saving.

-High quality
The outdoor flexible LED module uses a high-quality LED lamp and driven IC. Strict quality control process before delivery further guarantee a stable performance in the future.

If you are interested in setting up a creative LED wall somewhere in the future. please contact us to have a further talk, our sales work 24/7 to stand by.



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