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NSE LED arrow board

The traffic LED display plays an increasingly important role in our daily life. as its name indicates, the screens can display traffic information and guide the vehicle. It is used widely in highways, urban roads, and tunnels. making city life safer and more orderly. The VMS trailer display, LED arrow board, variable messages sign(VMS) are three types of traffic LED displays used in city road and highway. The VMS trailer display and variable messages sign are very common for city road applications. while the LED arrow display is a more creative solution for vehicles that working on the roads.

The led arrow sign is designed to be installed on the back of the vehicle. When the vehicle is working on the roads. for example, cleaning city roads and handle emergency traffic accidents. the arrow LED display is there to remind pedestrians and vehicles behind. The NSE LED arrow board adopts the high brightness LED Lamp. our LED arrow sign is designed to be used for different traffic management. Due to different vehicle shapes, the arrow LED display has different mounting kits to choose from. such as automatic lifting and vehicle-mounted.

NSE LED arrow board

NSE LED arrow board

NSE arrow LED display supports different flash patterns and is able to display tests. IP65 grade high-Quality LEDs used to guarantee a stable and perfect performance. The standard size of the led arrow sign is 1280mmx660mm, if the vehicle needs a bigger or smaller arrow LED display, we can customize the screen to achieve your requirement. Software is very easy to use, there is no complex software configuration to learn.

NSE is not only a LED display manufacturer but also a LED display solution provider. We have been providing traffic LED display since 2011, years of project case experience made us the leader of this industry. All the detail we care about is to gain a happy customer at the end. If you are looking for an led arrow sign solution for a city cleaning truck, please feel free to reach out and have a further talk.


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