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NSELED - Indoor Wall Mounted LED Monitors in USA

As we all know, digital LED posters are widely used in exhibitions as mini LED monitors. Today NSE is sharing a case of an American customer purchasing 5pcs digital led posters for exhibitions. The difference between this case and the past is that most Customers will all use the free-standing mode, but this customer uses the wall-mounted installation method.

What are the mini led monitor?

Mini LED display is a small and multi-functional display device that is widely welcomed by customers. Its small size makes it suitable for various scenarios, and it has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. Whether it is for personal use or commercial applications, these small monitors can meet the needs of customers. In the home, it can be used as a portable entertainment device for watching movies, playing games, or displaying photos. In the commercial field, Mini LED displays can be used to display product information, play advertising content, or provide interactive displays. Due to its compact design, Mini LED displays are easy to carry and install, making them ideal for events such as conferences, exhibitions, promotional events, or showcases. Whether in education, entertainment, retail, or office environments, Mini LED displays can provide customers with convenient and efficient solutions to meet their diverse needs.

NSELED - Indoor Wall Mounted LED Monitors in USA

NSELED - Indoor Wall Mounted LED Monitors in USA

Vertical screen connection: Vertical screen connection is a common LED screen splicing method and is widely used by customers. In this way, the LED poster can be turned into a huge LED video wall, giving people a shocking visual effect. When using 6 LED screens, a golden ratio of 16:9 can be achieved, making the image display more balanced and natural. When 10 LED screens are used for splicing, 1080p high-definition performance can be achieved, with P3 color performance. If you need higher image quality and resolution, you can consider using 10 to 16 LED screens for splicing, which can achieve 2K and 4K video performance.

Horizontal connected screens: Different from vertical connected screens, horizontal connected screens are generally installed on the wall and are often used for banner or door screen displays. Horizontal screen connection can connect up to 5 LED screens, achieving a display width of up to 9.6 meters. This method is suitable for situations where information or advertisements need to be displayed in a wider scene and is highly practical and attractive.

In short, whether it is a vertical screen connection or a horizontal screen connection, multiple LED screens are used for splicing to achieve larger size, higher resolution, and more shocking visual effects. These screen-connection methods are widely used and can meet the need for high-quality image display on various occasions, providing a powerful tool for brand promotion, information transmission, and publicity activities.

Three different installation methods for Digital led posters: 

Free-standing: This is an installation method commonly used by many customers. The LED poster is equipped with a base, which is convenient for customers to use in any place. It acts like a poster and can play video content. This installation method is very convenient, you can place the LED poster where you need it at any time. It is suitable for various occasions such as retail stores, fairs, exhibitions, or public spaces. Due to their portability, LED posters can be easily moved and are ideal for dynamic advertising or information displays. By playing video content, the freely placed LED posters capture the audience's attention and interact in a visually compelling way.

Wall-mounted: Wall-mounted mounting is often used for large LED screens. Mount the LED poster securely to the wall, making it a prominent feature in a fixed location. This method is widely used in shopping malls, airports, theaters, or corporate environments. Wall-mounted LED posters become eye-catching focal points, broadcasting engaging advertising, event information, or immersive visual content.

Creative installation: Our LED posters can also be creatively installed. This installation goes beyond traditional advertising concepts to incorporate artistic and decorative elements. LED posters can be combined with unique structures, custom frames, or innovative designs to make the installation more visually appealing. Creative installation not only effectively delivers advertising content, but also enhances the aesthetics of the installation location. Often used in high-end retail stores, museums, galleries, or fashion venues, LED posters are both functional display screens and art installations, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for the audience.

If you also have needs for Mini LED displays, we very much welcome you to contact us. As a professional supplier, NSE is committed to providing customers with the most suitable LED display solutions. We have the experience and expertise to provide you with customized solutions based on your specific needs and budget. Whether you need it for personal use or commercial application, we can provide you with high-quality Mini LED displays and ensure their performance and reliability. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide professional advice and technical support to ensure you achieve satisfactory results. Please feel free to contact us and let us provide you with the best Mini LED display solution.


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