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Why taxi sign for car roof is getting more popular in recent year?

With the advancement of urban modernization, taxis are no longer a simple means of transportation. In contemporary society where advertising media prevail. Taxis have gradually become one of the preferred media for advertising companies. Whether it is inside or outside the taxi. if you observe carefully. it is not difficult to find some advertising slogans on the headrest, seatback, or side door. According to data from Mordor Intelligence. 

The Car Top LED Advertising can not only achieve effective communication with passengers. but also can attract pedestrians and other drivers under certain circumstances. and play a role in consolidating brand image and building awareness. It is always difficult for modern people to avoid spending time outdoors. Because of this, outdoor advertising is also appearing in our lives in various forms. In recent years, more and more static billboards have been replaced by LED billboards, and Digital Signage in Taxis is no exception.

Car top LED Advertising is about to occupy Eastern Europe and Central Asia

In North America and the Asia-Pacific region. many traditional lightboxes of taxis are being replaced by Taxi Sign For Car Roof. Except for showings static text and picture. the car topper led sign is able to display videos, the advertising will be potentially appreciated. while the driver is driving. With the maturity of LED display technology and superior advertising effects. taxi sign for car roof has gradually become more popular in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. such as Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and Georgia. 

As the largest car topper led sign manufacturer in China. NSE has sold thousands of pieces of digital signage in taxi to over 130 countries. For some emerging taxi screen markets in recent years. such as Romania, Serbia, and Croatia. We have also sold digital signage in taxi. In the next few articles, we will specifically analyze the local advertising market and the development trend of the Car Top LED Advertising. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts. please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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