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The Bus Led Display Features

Bus led display is one of the common vehicle-mounted display, which with the technology such as led, GSM/GPRS, anti static electricity, anti-jamming, cryogenic technology. The vehicle-mount display is different with the normal led display. 

Here are the features of the led display:

1.The bus led display has a high demand of the power supply. The power supply on the bus is storage battery, when the bus gets started or stops, there will be higher pulse voltage. If the power supply system is not good enough, the led display can be burned up.

2.Appropriate brightness. If the led display is too dark, it can not be seen in the daytime.

3.We need to do the anti-static precautions in advance. Because when the bus is working, it will generate about several KVs static electricity voltage. Without the better anti-static precautions, it is easy to damage the led light.

4.Other factors such as appearance and size. There are many features about the bus led display. For example, the square requirements and the heat dissipation are also two important factors.

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