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Features of Advertising LED Display

Advertising LED Display is mainly used in indoor large area commercial advertising and venue, lobby, hotel and so on.The following are some features of it.

(1) high-density, high-definition display;

(2) with a photosensitive control system, Can automatically adjust the brightness of the display according to the light changes of indoor and outdoor, not only can it save energy, but also it can greatly reduce your operating costs and make the audience more easier to accept;

(3) product launch has a series of low-power solution, the display can be run than the original energy-saving 1/3, further greatly reducing your operating costs;

(4) with a high refresh rate and high gray, make the screen of advertising LED Display be more realistic and meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements;

(5) with brightness, color point by point correction function, the LED advertising screen picture is more abundant, to meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements

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