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How to Program an Digital LED Poster

A seven-segment digital screen using a decimal point is one unit with eight distinct LEDs -- seven linear LED segments forming different alphanumeric characters, and also one circel LED screen for the decimal point.

Programming a digital LED poster is a straight-forward affair: either send or do not send voltage to the relevant LEDs. There are two different types of seven-segment digital displays, common cathode and common anode, which will need to be wired in different ways.

Locate the information sheet to your seven-segment electronic screen. Ascertain whether the screen is more common cathode (CC) or shared anode (CA) before finding the pin description. Identify the CC and CA hooks; there might be two hooks, but you simply need to use one or another.

Connect among the CC hooks to the side, or circuit floor, of this five-volt power source without using power to the breadboard. If your electronic screen is common anode, join among those CA hooks into the power supply is positive side.

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