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LED Curtain Display features(一)

1, LED curtain display is mainly used for indoor and outdoor large-scale real-time display engineering, curtain screen for the stage of large-scale rental more;

2. In order to ensure that the pixels of the outdoor real-world engineering project are sufficiently bright, the front of the module is sealed with silica gel for waterproofing. The color of the silica gel can be designed according to the project requirements, and the control color card can be used to match the color of the exterior wall of the building.

3, the module outlet for the high and low temperatures will be excellent silicone wire, with professional waterproof joints, LED curtain display suppliers are professional designed to create a fully sealed waterproof structure protection level 1P67 can adapt to indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment, the working environment can be Up to -20 and +80 degrees Celsius, can work in rain;

4, multiple modules can form a full-color display wall;

5. It can be used as a linear light source instead of a digital tube, and the connection point light source light effects are more different;

LED curtain display


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