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Taxi top LED display advertisement effect

Enterprises will be advertising in the new media will often play a multiplier effect. Taxi top LED display advertising as a new media, will cause great concern to the entire market, have the opportunity to form a sensational effect, to obtain greater dissemination value.

1 flexible mobility, the high mobility of the Taxi top LED display advertising is the highest frequency of all outdoor media consumers pay attention to one of the most.

2 tevel impact Eye. The height position of the car body advertisement is just in line with the line of sight of the pedestrian, it can spread the advertisement information to the audience.

3 thousand people with low cost and high cost. Higher frequency of arrival and contact frequency, the lower the cost of thousands of people.

4 high contact probability and stable contact frequency. Taxi top LED display advertising is the biggest opportunity for outdoor advertising media.

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Taxi top LED display

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