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What are the problems with flexible LED display installation?

(1) The screen body and the joint between the screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leakproof; the screen body must have good drainage measures, once the raw water can be discharged smoothly;

(2) Install lightning protection devices on flexible LED display and buildings. The main body of the display screen and the casing are well grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, so that the large current caused by the lightning discharges in time;

(3) Install the ventilation equipment to reduce the temperature, so that the internal temperature of the advertising LED display is between -10 °C ~ 40 °C. Axial fan is installed above the screen body to discharge heat;

(4) Select industrial-grade integrated circuit chips whose operating temperature is between -40°C and 80°C to prevent the display from failing to start when the temperature is too low in winter. ;

(5) In order to ensure long-distance visibility under strong ambient light conditions, ultra-high brightness light emitting diodes must be used;

(6) The display medium adopts a new wide viewing angle tube, wide viewing angle, pure color, consistent coordination, and a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours.

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