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This maintenance LED display more durable

In recent years, LED display has gradually become the mainstream of the market products, China Taxi Top LED Display, Bus LED Display are all familiar. But, do you know how to care for them? Harsh outdoor environment, the need for maintenance, so as to make it better for us to serve.

First, LED display surface can not directly with a damp cloth, can use alcohol to wipe, or using a brush, a dust collecting device for dust.

Second, the display is strictly prohibited inside the water, no flammable materials and easily conductive metal into the screen, so as not to cause short circuit and fire equipment.

Third, do not forcibly cut off, also do not frequently shut down and turn on the power supply, so as to avoid excessive current, power line heating is too large, LED pipe damage, the impact of the life of the display screen.

Fourth, LED screen should be regularly check whether the normal work, the line is damaged to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

Of course, we are still Portable LED Sign Manufacturer, we export a variety of LED display, you are welcome to contact us.

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