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Double Sided P5mm Car Roof Sign In Cote d'Ivoire

We can see the taxi topper led display everywhere in our life. As a new advertising trend, the taxi topper led display has become increasing important. Here are some tips that can help us to judge the quality of the taxi topper led display.

1.High definition display effect.

As a carrier of the outdoor ads, the important demand for the led display is high definition, which includes the high resolution, high light, high contrast. High resolution ensures the better display of the high definition ads picture. High light ensures the clear display under the sunshine. High contrast ensures the exquisite picture and balance color.

2.Low energy consumption.

Response the call for energy conservation and emission reduction.

3.Large visual angle.

The main task of the taxi led display is to advertise the company products or service. So it is important to make as much as possible custom to see it. 

4.High level of protection.

As the outdoor advertising display, we need consider the terrible whether. The level of protection need to reach IP 6-7, then it can adapt all kinds of terrible whether and extend its service life.

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