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Outdoor Moving Advertising P5 In USA

As the taxi led display has become more and more popular, people are tend to pay more attention to the quality of the taxi led display. Here are some tips to tell the quality of it.

1.We need to check the workmanship of the taxi led display and the protective measures like waterproof, static-free, and high-temperature.

2.We need to take the lamp bead of the taxi led display into consideration. There are about 2048 lamp beads on the taxi led display board. If the lightness and service life is not up to the industrial standard, then the taxi top led display is an unqualified product. We can say the service life of the lamp bead has the direction bearing on the taxi led display.

3.We need to consider the producer of the taxi led display. We need to ensure the stable working condition for the led display. If the lamp beads is in the rapid working status, it will shorten its service life.

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