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PT Digital LED Poster Series

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Digital LED Poster
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    Digital LED Poster

    Light weight, Ultra-thin design

    The NSE digital LED poster has a lightweight feature, taking the model indoor PT3 smart LED poster as an example. It weighs only 35 kg. The base is equipped with wheels, LED posters can be moved flexibly by one person, saving labor costs and easy to transport.

    NSE LED poster also has a high-end aluminum frame, the thickness of only 45 mm (about 1.77 inches), ultra-thin frame to ensure that the gap between the multi-unit stitching smart LED poster is smaller. Only about 3mm, the smallest in the market.

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    Digital LED Poster

    User Friendly, Plug and Play

    NSE LED poster is a very easy LED display. After sending the program, plug in the LED poster to automatically play video, pictures, text and other programs. There is no need to operate any work afterwards.

    Zero configuration, quick and easy to install and use the LED poster.

    Multimedia input (Multi-video resourece input)

    Simple operating

    Smart automatic joint.

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    Digital LED Poster

    Any number of Multi-Screen Splicing

    The LED banner display support single-screen mode and split-screen mode. By splicing different numbers of poster screens, it can be applied to the size requirements of various occasions, and it is more novel to attract customers.

    Multi-screen cascade brings a unique visual experience

    6 units reach the golden ratio of 16:9

    10 units splicing to achieve 1080p HD performance (P3)

    2K and 4K video performance by connecting 10-16 units, and connected by video processor.

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    Digital LED Poster

    Intelligent control method

    Support WIFI & HDMI & USB & Newwork control.

    Built-in asynchronous and synchronous dual-mode media player, support PC&Android devices.

    Real-time program support.

    Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.

    Support 3G/4G (Optional), Internet remote cluster control.

    GL tracking functions.

    8 GB Memory, Expanding memory by U-disk.

    Support play video in U-disk directly.

    Realtime zoom in and zoom out without video processor.

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    Digital LED Poster

    Exteral Device compatible

    To further save energy, our LED posters can be connected to light sensors and temperature sensors to control the brightness and make the product more energy efficient.

    For better advertising effect, digital LED posters can be connected to speakers. Not only that, LED posters also support interactive features (customizable). It's easier to make your ads impressive and memorable.

    In order to use with customer software, it can also be manufactured with built-in Android board.

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    Digital LED Poster

    Meet a variety of installation methods

    Break the traditional installation method and make the display smarter. By tilting the digital posters to the angle you want and by cutting different numbers of units to start with, you will get an LED display full of your true creativity, more attractive and eye-catching.

    LED poster displays supports multiple installation methods to meet different application spaces. Hanging installation, Wall-mounted installation, Base-standing installation, Landscape installation, Creative splicing installation. Or you can use it horizontally as a banner display, and you can stitch multiple horizontally placed LED digital posters together to get a different scale screen.

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    Digital LED Poster

    LED Posters More Energy Efficient

    Digital LED posters are a new type of poster display that uses energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create images. Compared to LCDs, LED posters are more energy efficient and last longer. Unlike backlit LCDs that require an external light source to emit light all the time to have color visualization, LED posters only consume energy when presenting color images, not when the screen is displaying black.

    Deployed for indoor use, digital LED posters do not require high brightness and are powered by low voltage DC, making them safe and environmentally friendly to use around people, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

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    Digital LED Poster

    NSE supports Custom Digital LED Poster

    We can custom produce your desired size, customize your unique frame color, and imprint your logo, and we will do our best to meet your project requirements.

    Customized design can not only increase brand awareness, but also be more recognizable in the local market, and can also meet the needs of more customers to expand the market and increase sales. We provide customized services to meet all your project needs.


    Digital LED Poster

    NSE LED banner display Easy maintenance

    By using high-quality LEDs to reduce light decay and color decay, the service life is longer.

    Stanard product design

    All parts are replaceable

    Operation guide step by step

    Save maintenance time and cost

    Online technical support

    Digital LED Poster

    NSE LED banner poster has high stability

    NSELED LED poster are designned to meet starndard of US and European market.

    Our products are produce in s strict quality insurance system.

    We are conducing 100% quality testing for our smart LED product, including high temperature high humididy test, aging test,vibration test and shock test etc.

    Full Series products has passed FCC/CE/ROHS Certificate.

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    Digital LED Poster

    Wide application of Digital LED posters

    Our products are widely used in rental and commercial display, as a smart LED display to replace the traditional roll-up banner.

    Commercial: shopping malls, clubs, hotels, airports, stations, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, museums, conference rooms, showrooms ect.

    Rental: exhibitions, weddings, performances, competitions, events, celebrations, glass windows, stages ect.

    See NSELED display application examples

    Questions about Digital LED Poster?

    To improve service and product, we usually gather suggestions from the sales team every month.

    The sales team actively communicates with the client every day, so they know what the client care and concern about.

    Hope this video can help you better understand the Digital LED Poster!

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    Digital LED Poster Screen Questions and Answers

    What is LED poster display?

    An LED poster display is a type of electronic display that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display information or advertisements. These displays are often used in public spaces, such as storefronts, malls, and airports, to attract the attention of passersby and display information or promotional content. They are known for their bright, high-contrast displays, which can be easily seen from a distance.

    LED poster displays can be used to display a wide range of content, including text, images, video, and more. It is versatile because it can be a standalone smart LED poster or you can connect up to 10 LED posters together into one giant LED video wall to display your stunning content, LED poster displays allow for freestanding, wall-mounted, hanging, and you can even add your personality with creative stitching.

    These LED posters are seamless, lightweight, portable and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can present any content in a variety of formats. These features make them ideal for advertising, saving maintenance costs for replacement.

    LED poster displays will benefit your advertising campaigns in a modern and dynamic way. nse's innovative LED poster solutions provide you with the best LED tools to ensure that your ads will be a stunning experience.

    How to control the LED poster display?

    It can be operated by PC, smartphone and Ipad. Just tap your cell phone to achieve real-time management in seconds.

    Where can you use the Smart LED Poster Display?

    Used in a variety of scenarios, this poster screen immediately draws attention wherever it is with its elegant appearance and outstanding visual performance. Common applications are: shopping centers, hotels, airports, banks, bus stations, etc.

    How about the price of LED poster display?

    Due to many factors such as raw material prices, different component brands, transportation and packaging, the final LED poster display price may be various.

    However, digital LED poster displays are usually more affordable than other kinds of LED displays. There are some factors that determine this, such as specifications, raw materials, core technology, etc.

    Even with a small budget, you can get a fully functional and stable NSE LED poster screen!

    How are LED posters different from LCD posters?

    The method of generating light. As you may know, LCDs require backlighting, but LEDs can emit their own light. As a result, LED displays have thinner and lighter cases than LCD displays.

    Applications. LED displays can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, but LCD displays are primarily used indoors. that's because LED poster screens are far more protective than LCD poster screens, and therefore, LED displays also have a longer operating life.

    Screen. displaying high-definition picture, LED display also has better effect. with higher brightness, wider color gamut, high refresh rate, can support seamless splicing, etc.

    Why choose NSELED?

    NSELED is a company committed to providing solutions for motion LED display and Commercial LED display.

    As a high-tech enterprise founded in 2011 and integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service, we focus on providing LED motion display and commercial LED display at the highest quality for global customers. Upholding the philosophy of "customer first", we continue to launch cost-effective, creative, and market-oriented LED display products. 11 years of unremitting efforts and persistence have made NSELED be a leading supplier of motion LED display and commercial LED display.

    At present, NSELED owns 12 product design patents and 2 product invention patents and is equipped with our product testing laboratory. From raw material procurement to R&D, manufacturing, testing, packaging, and shipment, NSELED applies strict control, scientific management to each section in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Control Process. Our products have passed FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, UL, and other quality and safety certifications conducted by professional organizations to ensure their stability, reliability, and environmental protection. And NSELED has won unanimous praise from customers for its reliable quality, excellent service, and honest business style.

    The performance of this Digital LED poster is shown below:

    Model TypePT3 S (standard)PT3 L (Linkable)
    Pixel pitch3 mm3mm
    LED TypeSMD 2121 Mat BlackSMD 2121 Mat Black
    Pixel type(R / G / B)1R1G1B1R1G1B
    Module Pixel64 x 6464*64
    Module Resolution4,0964,096
    resolution (HxW)192×640192*640
    Module size192 x 192mm192*192mm
    Viewing Distance≥ 3 M≥ 3 M
    brightness≥ 1,000 cd/m²≥ 1,000 cd/m²
    Viewing Angle120° (H)/120°(V) 120° (H)/120°(V) 
    Frame Size1930mm(H)X584mm(W)X45mm(T)1930mm(H)X584mm(W)X45mm(T)
    Case MaterialAluminumAluminum
    Grayscale16 bits  RGB16 bits  RGB
    Video frame rate60 Hz60 Hz
    Refresh rate> 1,200 Hz> 1,200 Hz
    Drive mode1/16 scan1/16 scan
    Input voltageAC90-240VAC90-240V
    Maximum Power Consumption600W600W
    Average Power Consumption280W280W
    Life Span≥ 100,000 Hours≥ 100,000 Hours
    MTBF≥ 10,000 Hours≥ 10,000 Hours
    Digital Poster ApplicationIndoor/ Semi-OutdoorIndoor/ Semi-Outdoor
    Control method:Asynchronous(WIFI/USB/LAN)Asynchronous(WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI)
    Temperature Operating (℃).-40°~+75°.-40°~+75°
    Working Humidity10%–95%RH10%–95%RH
    Power ProtectionOver-current/Over-voltage protectionOver-current/Over-voltage protection
    ComplianceCE/ETL/ ULCE/ETL/ UL
    Joint screen qty(PCS)12 to 10
    Joint gap(mm)Less than 3mmLess than 3mm

    This NSE LED Display can be used in many places:

    NSE Digital LED Poster from Sweden

    NSE Digital LED Poster from Sweden

    NSE Digital LED Poster from Italy

    NSE Digital LED Poster from Italy

    NSE Digital LED Poster from USA

    NSE Digital LED Poster from USA

    Retal Application for Wedding Ceremony

    Retal Application for Wedding Ceremony

    Digital LED Poster for EXPO 2015 (Milan,Italy)

    NSE Digital LED Poster for EXPO 2015 (Milan,Italy)

    Digital Poster used in 2016 Shenzhen Machinery union Annual Forum

    NSE Digital LED Poster used in 2016 Shenzhen Machinery union Annual Forum

    Digital Poster applied to Furniture Showroom

    NSE Digital LED Poster applied to Furniture Showroom

    Digital Poster applied to China Life Insurance Summit

    NSE Digital LED Poster applied to China Life Insurance Summit

    Digital LED poster for Shopping Mall

    NSE Digital LED poster for Shopping Mall

    Digital LED poster in Ethiopian Airline

    NSE Digital LED poster in Ethiopian Airline

    Digital LED poster for Exhibition

    NSE Digital LED poster for Exhibition

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