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Taxi Top LED Display & Car Top LED Display

TS 2/2.5/3.33/5

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    Taxi Top LED Display
    Smart and Intelligent LED Screen Device

    NSELED Car Top LED Display integrated with a smart controller system. 

    With internet-connected, Geo-location modular, the taxi top LED display can efficiently reach and engage your customers on their everyday journey. The led taxi roof sign comes with high resolution and high brightness smart LED panels, which communicates with captive commuter audiences on a daily, regular basis, the street-level engagement will appreciate your advertising value.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Reliable LED Motion Display Device

    High-quality materials and parts used for main structure to ensure stability in the moving environment. Smart circuit design and power connection with over voltage and over current protection ensure the highest performance of LED panel and whole system running. 

    NSELED Car top LED display panel is tested under the temperature 70℃ and 80% humidity for 96 hours. The whole unit is testing at 70℃ for 24 hrs and conducts 100% vibration testing.

    Our led taxi roof sign has passed testing of vehicle electronics and is CE, ROHS, FCC certified.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Excellent Performance with Low Power Consumption

    NSELED taxi top LED displays are made by high quality and high brightness LED components, we choose high refresh driver IC for the LED panels to reach a low power consumption, in the meantime, to make the whole device more energy-saving and stable. Thereby extending the service life of the screen.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Easy Installation and Fast Maintenance

    Our Taxi topper LED Display is combined with a modular design of different parts, that we can get it easily installed and quickly for maintenance. You can easily insert and remove the sim card to change control methods as well.

    For display installation, our car top LED display device can be easily mounted on different car tops by using car roof rack. NSE LED team will provide a full guide to teach you how to maintenance led taxi roof sign step by step.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Multi-option Control Method

    Smart Asynchronous Control

    Group Intelligent Control(GIC System), 

    Location Precise Advertising

    Advertising Management System

    3G/4G/WIFI/USB control

    GPS real-time monitoring

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Customized Design Available

    We offer a customized design package that includes frame, LEDs selection, and different control method options. We can offer SDK of the software to clients to develop their own advertising platform.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Slim Type Design, Super High Brightness

    Ultra High Definition

    Different pixel pitch available 

    2 mm, 5000 nits

    2.5 mm, 5000 nits

    3 mm, 3500 nits

    3.33mm, 4800 nits

    5mm,  5000 nits

    Taxi Top LED Display
    High-speed transmission

    Taxi top LED display by using latest 5G technology to achieve high-speed transmission.

    The use of 5G network communication technology can realize fast and stable transmission to achieve high-quality images or videos. NSE continues to surpass in software and technology to allow customers to enjoy the best using experience.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    Super slim and ultra high resolution optional

    Super slim and light design taxi top LED display, less than 15kg weight and frame thickness only 7cm.

    NSE launched world's first outdoor high brightness and ultra high-resolution P1.83 taxi top LED display. it meets the requirements of some projects for HD mobile LED display and bringing people unprecedented visual experience.

    NSELED High Brightness Taxi Top LED Display in Egypt

    Our standard design is based on 960* 320mm in screen size, which adapt to match all pixel pitch module. All parts and panels are smart and standard designs, so we can easily service and upgrade for clients after installation.

    Taxi Top LED Display
    7/24 Technical Support on Software and Hardware

    NSELED Team offers free installation training course as well as the long time after-sale service to clients. The 24 hours online technical support enables you can reach out to us whenever you need help.

    Product name:P2P2.5P3P3.33P5
    Model Type:TS2TS2.5VFTS3OTTS3.33TS59632
    Pixel Pitch2mm2.5 mm3mm3.33 mm5mm
    LED TypeSMD 1921SMD2121SMD2020SMD 1921SMD 2727
    Pixel Density250,000 dot/ m2160,000 dot/ m2111,111 dots90,000 dot/ m240000 dot/ m2
    Module Size320*160mm160*160mm192*96mm320*160mm160*160mm
    Screen Size960mm*320mm960mm*320mm768*288mm960mm*320mm960mm*320mm
    Screen Resolution480*160 dot384*128 dot192*96mm288*96 dot192*64 dot
    Frame Size1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)820mm( L) x 390mm(H) X W:170mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)1100mm( L) x 410mm(H) XW:164mm(bottom)/ 99mm (top)
    Brightness4500 nit4500 nit4000 nit4500 nit5500 nit
    View Angle150°(H)/150°(V)150°(H)/150°(V)150°(H)/150°(V)150°(H)/150°(V)150°(H)/150°(V)
    Scan Mode1/32 scan1/32 scan1/16 scan1/24 scan1/8 scan
    Power Supply InputDC9--24VDC9--24VDC9--24VDC9--24VDC9--24V
    Max Consumption450w430w250w400w450w
    Average Consumption130w120w80w120w150w
    Refresh Rate(Hz):1920Hz / 3840 Hz(Optional)1920Hz / 3840 Hz(Optional)1920Hz1920Hz1920Hz
    Optimal Viewing Distance1--20M1--20M3--50M1--20M3--50M
    Life Span100,000 Hours100,000 Hours100,000 Hours100,000 Hours100,000 Hours
    MTBF10,000 Hours10,000 Hours10,000 Hours10,000 Hours10,000 Hours
    Control MethodAsychronousAsychronousAsychronousAsychronousAsychronous
    Control Mode3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB3G/4G/WIFI/ Ethenet/ USB
    Temperature Operating-40°~+75°-40°~+75°-40°~+75°-40°~+75°-40°~+75°
    Working Humidity10%–90%RH10%–90%RH10%–90%RH10%–90%RH10%–90%RH
    Protection Rating:IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
    Power Protectionover-temperature/over-current/over-temperature/over-current/over-temperature/over-current/over-temperature/over-current/over-temperature/over-current/
    over-voltage protectionover-voltage protectionover-voltage protectionover-voltage protectionover-voltage protection
    Screen Weight23 kg23 kg15kg23 kg23 kg
    Package Dimension1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W)1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W)960mm(L) X 430mm(H) X 210mm(W)1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W)1100mm(L) X 500mm(H) X 270mm(W)
    Gross Weight:28 kg28 kg20kg28 kg28 kg

    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

    Taxi Top LED Sign in America

    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

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    Taxi Top LED Display

    LED Taxi Top Screen in Thailand

    Taxi Top LED Sign in Poland

    Taxi LED Display powered by Tesla

    Taxi Top LED Display in Warsaw

    Taxi Top LED Display tested under Sunshine

    LED Taxi Sign Waterproof Testing

    LED Taxi Top Screen with 3G Function

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