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Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display is the LED screen which delivers captivating visual effect while the screen can be seen through like a glass, adding sci-fi, high-end elements to your messages conveyed.

NSELED offers Transparent LED Display of pixel pitch in 2.8mm, 3.91mm and 7.81mm, allowing for supreme image quality.

Modular cabinet size is 1000*500mm, which can be easily spliced to make a seamless large screen in any size with stunning visual impact to suit your project.

Custom design is supported of adapting the LED Mesh Screen to other shapes in circle, triangle, curve and etc. to lend wings to your unique vision. 

Whether you need to create a custom transparent LED display or you need portable poster units, NSELED has a display solution for your installation. Transparent Glass Led Display offer indoor and outdoor use options and can be supplied as flat (Glass LED Display), curved or cylindrical transparent LED units. With Transparent Glass Led Display unique versatility, our systems can be integrated to create cost-effective, Transparent Led Screen that provide your customers with powerful information.

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