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FC Series FC 2.5/4 Flexible LED Panel

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Flexible  LED Display
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    Flexible LED Display

    Unique design, Advanced Artistic Sense

    In the increasingly demanding market requirements. LED special-shaped displays pay more attention to structural breakthroughs. and are more inclined to occasions with special requirements. And now the Flexible LED Screen is very popular in the market, the product is soft in texture. the flexible led display can be processed into various irregular shapes according to customer requirements, to meet the requirements of all your projects. especially the various irregular buildings and structures.

    Flexible LED Display

    Perfect Visual Enjoyment

    Flexible LED Display because of its special shape design. the colorful scenes give audiences a perfect visual enjoyment, favored by the majority of customers. In this information age, how to make the advertisement stand out become the central theme in advertisement creativity.

    Flexible  LED Display

    High Flexibility

    Flexible led screen wall is made of soft PCB and rubber material. It is extremely soft, can be made in any sizes and shapes for creative installations. Our soft led billboard has a compact body design. 0.4mm PCB thickness and magnetic connections. The flexible led video wall can be fixed easily everywhere.

    Flexible  LED Display

    High Stability

    NSE led curtain flexible uses advanced SMT technology to reduce bad soldering and static electricity. resulting in a more obvious, delicate, and highly saturated reproduction effect of the displayed video and text. Besides soft LED displays have been subject to long-term aging tests. 10,000 bending and folding tests, 1500-days terminal market application, to ensure its stability.

    Flexible  LED Display

    Multiple Styles

    Flexible LED Screen is one of the thinnest & lightest LED screens in the world with special materials and advanced technology. after many technological innovations, the perfect present.

    Every led module weight of the led curtain flexible is 85g, its soft, thin, light, suitable for cylindrical, S-shaped, wavy bending effects. This soft led display can be based on customer needs, design scrolling, bend, and swing a variety of effects. No cabinet metal frame, drastically deducting the screen weight.

    Flexible LED Display

    Easy to Splice

    The weight of a single led curtain flexible is the only 85g. it has strong magnetic installation, so fast to assemble and disassemble. and easy to maintain. The flexible led display has high quality. it can achieve single point maintenance with a low maintenance cost.

    Flexible LED Display

    Easy to Install and Maintain

    Besides it also has high brightness with low dead light rate and energy-saving. the flexible led billboard is seamless splicing with the control of splicing error between flexible led screen wall within plus or minus 0.1mm. this soft led panel saving 83% shipping and installation cost. it is very easy to maintain and replace most of the users.

    Flexible LED Display

    High Contrast

    Usually, in the case where the curvature of the display screen is small and the display form is more complicated. the seam and the flatness are not well solved, which results in display inconsistency. But the flatness of the Flexible LED Screen is good. and since the silicone is used. it has a soft hand feeling and there is no protrusion even after a finger scratch.

    Flexible LED Display
    Easy to Install and Maintain

    Besides it also has high brightness with low dead light rate and energy-saving. the flexible led billboard is seamless splicing with the control of splicing error between flexible led screen wall within plus or minus 0.1mm. this soft led panel saving 83% shipping and installation cost. it is very easy to maintain and replace most of the users.

    Application Field

    Flexible led screen wall have been used in hotel advertising, stage rental, television, shopping malls, airport, outdoor stadiums, concerts, KTV, playgrounds, etc. achieving quite a few effects beyond the reach of the conventional flexible led video wall. At present, the market is applied more indoors, including inner and outer arcs.


    Q: What is the Flexible LED display? 

    A: A flexible LED screen or creative LED screen refers to a type of electronic LED advertising screen that can be very flexible and creative in its design, having a unique shape to fit its surroundings.  

    The first and foremost advantage is that it has a unique, aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be made in a variety of shapes depending on the environment.

    It can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to show some very creative content, not only can the first time to attract the audience's eyes to achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application of LED display splicing.

    Q: Does it support customisation?

    A: We are accepting customization.

    In recent years more and more companies began to group customized LED display products, for in addition to the conventional display, special flexible shaped screen are taking this line.

    The advantage is that it can be more personalized, high-end, humane, to avoid overproduction and other characteristics. And the face of LED display manufacturing production changes, will accelerate the industry's intelligent flexible display reform!

    This will give more users want to talk to different products for private customization services. Is a way to enter the high-end market, customized production model gradually expand to the market.

    Customers are no longer as "passive" as before to receive the products provided by manufacturers, but take the initiative to start product design and development, production, etc. put forward more requirements.

    Q: What is the advantage of the LED flexible display?

    A: LED flexible display is widely loved by people with the following advantages:

    1. Low power consumption, high energy efficiency.

    The average power consumption is about 60W-80w/m², which saves the user a lot of money on electricity bills.

    2). Higher flexibility and bendability.

    LED flexible screen adopts high quality flexible material circuit board, the whole screen bending angle can be customized at will, such as cylindrical, wave-shaped, all kinds of art curved shape, etc., but also according to customer requirements to make the corresponding supporting box.

    3). Anti-blue light, eye protection.

    Blue light is not conducive to long-term viewing of the display, and the LED flexible screen produced by NSE removes the harmful blue light band to the human eye, which can avoid visual fatigue caused by facing the display for a long time.

    4). Greater stability and better picture quality.

    NSELED flexible screens use high quality anti-glare black LEDs and dual latching energy saving ICs for higher picture quality and greater stability.

    Q: What are the Types of LED flexible displays?


    LED spherical screens

    The LED spherical screen has a full 360° viewing angle and plays video from all angles, giving a good visual effect from any angle, without the problem of flat viewing angles. At the same time, it can also be used in museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, etc.

    LED DJ Stands

    The LED DJ booth can be used with DJs to create the most eye-catching effect, making music and visuals a perfect match.

    LED Magic cube LED display

    The LED magic cube display is usually made up of five LED surfaces combined to form a cube, but can also be shaped into a geometric shape with minimal gaps between the surfaces. It can be viewed at any angle around, getting rid of the traditional flat display, suitable for installation in bars, hotels or commercial properties in the atrium position, can give the audience a new visual experience.

    Irregular shaped display

    The display surface is an irregular plane, such as a circle, triangle or completely irregular plane.

    Arc-shaped LED displays

    The display surface is part of a cylindrical curved surface, and its expansion diagram is rectangular.

    Curved LED displays

    Display surface for a three-dimensional surface, such as spherical screen, polyhedral screen and canopy, etc. Eight, LED curtain screen

    Q: How to choose a good production company for LED flexible LED display?


    1, R & D capabilities of manufacturers

    Now on the market led large screen manufacturing technology is becoming increasingly mature, but there are still some manufacturers with higher technology content, these manufacturers in the shaped screen and creative screen and other technology content is higher.

    2, The manufacturer should have a good reputation

    Before buying should choose the reputation manufacturers to buy, you can find a few manufacturers to compare. You can check through the network to understand, you can also go to the field to understand, you can also carefully check the product, as well as find some people who have bought it to understand, only after such understanding, you can buy a good reliable products.

    3, Buy the large scale company production

    Need to focus on understanding the manufacturer's founding time, should also understand the registered capital and production capacity, the amount of registered capital indicates the size of the company. Usually the stronger economic strength of the company, naturally has a higher registration scale, to buy such a company to produce products more at ease.

    Product NameFC-P2.5FC-P4
    Pixel Pitch2.5mm4mm
    LED TypeSMD1010SMD2121
    Pixel type(R / G / B)1R1G1B (3 in 1)1R1G1B (3 in 1)
    Module Size240*120mm256*128mm
    Module Resolution96*4864*32
    Pixel Density160000 Dots/M262500 Dots/M2
    Scan Mode30S16S
    Driving ICMBI5124MBI5124
    Viewing Distance2.5m4m
    Brightness 1500cd/M21500cd/M2
    View Angle 120° (H)/120°(V)  120° (H)/120°(V) 
    Refresh Rate1920Hz1920Hz
    Input VoltageAC 220/110±15%AC 220/110±15%
    Grey Level14 Bits14 Bits
    MTBF≥ 10,000 hs≥ 10,000 hs
    Operating Temperature -30 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
    Operationg humidity10%~75%10%~75%
    Control SystemLinsn, NovaStarLinsn, NovaStar

    A: Currently in the market, LED circular displays have been widely used in stage, advertising media, sports events, bars and entertainment, radio and television, exhibition centres, large product launches, automotive 4S shops, canopies and curved, spherical, tesseract creative modelling and other applications, to achieve good results for customers in brand promotion, product display and eye-catching.  

    The LED curved display breaks through traditional display design theories and installation methods, allowing the display to be freely installed in different curtain wall environments, also meeting the individual viewing experience of different audiences. As a new innovation in the field of LED displays, it is believed that it will win more market opportunities and be favoured by more companies in the future. In the future, the new LED display will win more market opportunities and be favoured by more companies.  

    B: In some large and medium-sized cities, there are museums, science and technology museums, youth palaces, art galleries, art museums, exhibition halls, space cities, experience museums and other places. Nowadays, with the expansion of the LED display application industry, museums have also installed creative LED round screens, which often play the role of a finishing touch and give the audience a refreshing feeling.  

        Some museums are built both indoors and outdoors in both directions, generally using full-colour LED displays outdoors, and mostly using LED shaped screens indoors, matching the architectural features and style of the museum, which can be perfectly integrated together.  

        LED shaped screens use non-standard shaped structure, not only beautiful appearance, but also can play information and pictures, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.  

       When you walk inside the museum, you will find creative LED shaped screens everywhere, such as stepped cylindrical displays (also known as LED spiral displays), LED hemispherical displays, spherical LED displays, etc.  

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