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Column LED Display for Shopping mall

Product: Column LED Display 

Location: Shopping Mall

As time goes on, the led display more and more appears in different shopping malls, Especially when there are buildings with special shapes. 

Generally speaking, there will be a special solution for a led display with a special shape. The final product will fit the building better, and the resolution and installation method will also be suitable for the final application site, making it as simple and convenient as possible.

Column LED Display viewing angle is 360°, and the playback content can be played in a 360° surround so that it can be played without dead ends in the true sense. If the actual content of the display is not enough to see at a glance, it will attract viewers to stop until they fully understand the content, even if the content is not useful to them. 360°'s design captures people's novelty-seeking psychology.

Column LED Display for Shopping mall

Column LED Display for Shopping mall

The reason why the 360° curved surface can be completed without any discomfort is because the LED module used is a LED soft module, which has the characteristics of high quality and good ductility. 

The flexible FPC circuit board made of flexible insulating base material has high-strength compression and anti-torsion capabilities, which can better solve various installation difficulties of "turning corners and corners".

It is worth mentioning that Column LED Display also has a decorative and warn-of-danger effect. Covering the monotony of the original building, and replacing it with an LED display can better remind people that there is a building here, and they need to pay attention when passing by to prevent collisions and accidents.

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