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Let Nse Tak You Through Flexible Module

The flexible module comes into being in the context of the ever-present human effort to innovate. With the increasing market demands for irregular LED display, NSE starts to involve in flexible module filed. The great advantages of flexible modules is that they are soft and light. Those features make them the first choice for making special-shaped displays. Such as the cylindrical LED displays, as well as various creative LED displays with large radian.

The NSE Flexible Module case

Column is a very common element in lots of buildings, while flexible module is a great option for decorating it. Here is a case of NSE flexible module application for shopping mall. The unique and creative design surely will bring more visitors for Sephora. Not to mention how much benefit could generate.

Except using for shopping mall, the flexible module often appears in all kinds of exhibition hall, museum, bar, casino, hotel, TV station and airport. The shape of the screen can be various, like water wave, ribbon, column and sphere-shaped. Due to the creative appearance that flexible module can achieve, it is favored by many advertising and Interior design  company. NSE provides lots of pixel pitch options for customer to choose from. And thanks to the hard work of R& D team, using flexible module to create a HD LED Display is not a technical problem anymore. If you would like to know more about this product, please feel free to contact us, you are always welcome.


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