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A brief history of LED banner and new designs outlook

Looking back, the development of LED poster is rather interesting. 5 years ago, our product development engineer went to the opening ceremony of his daughter. There were many roll-up banners at the school entrance, they are well-designed and set on the ground. Considering the specific print contents, the roll-up banner only has a short service life, what a shame! An idea suddenly came into our engineer’s head while feeling pity, if the LED banners are LED screens, things might be different. This is how we start.

Our engineer starts to work on LED poster’s digital LED roll-up design after coming back to work. We designed several samples for selection, there are both outdoor and indoor options. At that time, the outdoor models are heavy because the cabinet is thick, while the base design of the indoor model still has much to improve. Despite this, the new launches attract many customers to inquire because of its unique and creative. but only a few of them will place the order due to the high cost of the product. In the year 2018, after gathering some suggestions on how to improve the LED poster stand from clients. The NSE team chose clients’ most favorite LED poster panel model and started to improve the detail design. such as frame and base. The thin frame and delicate base you see today are achievements of many times improvements. To make the LED poster stand more affordable, we optimize the supply chain and promote further cooperation with suppliers. Finally, we achieved great success in the year 2019. meanwhile, the P3 outdoor smart LED banner was issued, becoming a new number of NSE LED banners family. This year P2.5 outdoor smart LED poster launched as a high-end LED poster stand.

We are not complacent about what we have achieved in the past. Instead, we humbly listen to customers’ suggestions for products and work hard to provide better products. For now. We are trying to design a folding base to facilitate the work of clients who are in the rental business. To cater those who desire a seamless display, we will have a seamless splicing model for customers to choose from. Thanks to the flexible size of the LED screen, we will be able to produce different size LED poster panel TV in the future, it would be a great option for the store’s shopping window. In order to get rid of the limitations of electricity, in the future, we will develop a LED banner with its own battery.

If you are not sure that LED poster stand is the right product you are looking for, or have any suggestions on improving our product. You can always reach out to us, you say and we listen, cooperation creates win-win.


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