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Detailed steps on how to clean the LED display screen

LED display screens are becoming more and more popular among customers, but for many customers, the most easily overlooked and important point is how to clean the LED display screen. Unlike LCD screens, LED displays have exposed and visible lamp beads. There are gaps between the lamp beads. In addition, due to the particularity of the lamp beads, there are many things to pay attention to when cleaning the screen.

Regularly cleaning the LED display screen can better protect the screen performance, extend the service life of the LED screen, and reduce unnecessary manpower, material resources, and money costs.

As an LED display manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, NSELED will provide you with a detailed and clear introduction to the best way to clean LED display screens. best way to clean LED computer screens

How to clean the LED screen surface?

Detailed steps on how to clean the LED display screen

Detailed steps on how to clean the LED display screen

1. Cut off the power

Whether it is an LED display screen that has not been used for a long time or an LED screen that has just been used, it is necessary to cut off the power, turn off the power, remove the power plug, and do a good job of protection. This prevents the possibility of electric shock during the cleaning process of the LED screen and also prevents the running LED screen from malfunctioning due to improper operations during the cleaning process.

2. Arrange the environment for cleaning

Facing different LED screens, you need to arrange the required devices in advance when cleaning. For taller screens, such as NSELED's LED poster screen, the height is 1920mm. It is difficult to clean the high parts. In addition, vertical cleaning can easily cause the screen cleaning liquid to flow down the screen and cause malfunctions.

The screen can be placed horizontally on a desktop or mobile platform, which is also convenient for detailed cleaning work. If it is a large screen, such as a large indoor LED wall hanging and a large outdoor LED billboard, you need to prepare some tools in advance, such as scaffolding, hanging beams, or fixed steel frames, which will help you quickly clean up the screen. Save a lot of time.

3. Choose the correct and appropriate cleaning tools

After completing the above preparations, you should also pay attention to the selection of cleaning tools. Correct and suitable cleaning tools will help you complete the cleaning process faster and smoothly. LED display screens are high-value products. Because of their high value and unique installation structure and materials, ordinary tools such as rags, towels, and ordinary water cannot be used for cleaning.

For cleaning cloth: If you have the conditions, you can choose a microfiber cloth with super ability to absorb dust and dirt, which can easily clean the dirt on the LED screen without leaving streaks. However, microfiber cloths are uncommon for customers who don’t have many LED projects. If you want to use a more easily available cleaning cloth, you can consider cotton towels, handkerchiefs, or lint-free cloths, which will be easier to obtain and less expensive. Can achieve a cleaning effect.

For cleaning brushes: Cleaning brushes are suitable for items with gaps like LED screens, but no cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning LED display screens. For example, a harder bristle brush is not suitable, so you can choose a soft bristle brush. At the same time, it should also be noted that when using a soft brush for cleaning, the direction of the brush should be vertical or horizontal. Follow the arrangement rules of the LED lamp beads on the surface of the LED display screen. Try to avoid cleaning diagonally, and do not clean in circles. , which will cause wear and displacement of the LED lamp beads.

Regarding vacuum cleaners: Of course, some customers asked that the most convenient tool for dealing with dust is a vacuum cleaner. So can a vacuum cleaner be used to clean the LED screen? The answer is of course yes, but the most recommended type of vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner with a brush. It can take away dust and also remove stubborn dirt. Of course, you need to be careful during use. The LED lamp beads and the screen surface are fragile. Pay attention when using a vacuum cleaner and the power of the vacuum cleaner.

For stick-shaped tools: Stick-shaped cleaning tools are also very convenient when it comes to dust between gaps, but try to use cotton swabs or similar cleaning tools and avoid using sharper stick-shaped cleaning tools.

4. Choose a professional LED display cleaner

With the continuous promotion of LED display screens, many cleaners dedicated to LED display screens have appeared on the market, such as LED display cleaning fluid. It can be said that this is the best cleaner to use in the process of cleaning LED display screens. There is little damage to the surface of the LED display screen. Of course, you can also spray some repair agents specifically for LED display screens during the process to enhance the dust-proof, anti-static, and anti-corrosion functions of the LED display screen. (Be careful to avoid using cleaners containing ammonia and alcohol, which will damage the screen coating and cause the LED lamp beads to change color)

5. Detailed cleaning steps

Use an air blower, dust blower or air gun to evenly clean dust on the surface of the LED display from the same direction (left and right or up and down, vertically or horizontally).

For some stubborn dust, use a professional (mentioned above) cleaning brush to clean the remaining dirt on the surface

Spray professional LED display screen cleaner on the cleaning cloth, or dip the cleaning cloth in water. Pay attention to the amount of liquid, and then use the cleaning cloth to gently wipe the screen surface. (Be careful not to spray cleaner directly onto the LED screen surface)

After being contaminated with liquid, some dust on the surface of the LED display screen will gather due to contact with the liquid. You can use a soft cleaning brush to clean the surface again. Follow the same direction. Be sure to clean the brush before use. Prevent the screen from coming into contact with dust again. Then use screen cleaning fluid to wipe the gap between the screen and the module from the same direction.

After completing the above steps, you can dry the LED display screen. Do not connect the power to open the screen before drying is completed. If there is not much cleaning solution left and there are signs of rapid drying, you can choose to air dry naturally. When the air humidity is too high and the temperature is low, it is recommended to blow dry the screen with an air gun with appropriate air pressure, paying attention to the direction and intensity.

How to clean the back of the LED display screen?

In addition to cleaning the surface of the LED display screen, cleaning the back is also very important. NSELED’s LED display screen materials are iron and aluminum, most of which are aluminum. Aluminum has a very good performance in terms of moisture and rust resistance, but it is slightly insufficient in terms of fingerprint resistance. If there is normal dust on the aluminum frame, you can simply wipe it, but you should also keep the screen frame dry after wiping.

Fingerprints will inevitably be left during the transportation or installation process. Fingerprints or hand sweat marks will slightly affect the appearance of the screen frame. You can use special cleaning fluid, such as glass water specially designed for car window cleaning (car windows cleaning fluid). First, spray special cleaning fluid such as glass water on the outer frame that needs to be cleaned, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the vents on the outer frame of the screen are the only part that connects the interior of the screen to the external environment, and it is very easy for dust to enter. If the screen is not used for a long time or is not cleaned regularly, too much screen accumulation will affect the normal operation of the power supply and cables inside the screen, leading to screen failure. Therefore, the fixed LED screen needs to be cleaned regularly at the vents. The movable LED screen can block the vents when not in use, thereby reducing the entry of dust.

Of course, you can also refer to the user manual that comes with the LED display screen when you purchase it, which includes maintenance and precautions for the LED display screen. It is best to clean it regularly to help you protect the LED display screen and avoid unnecessary failures and losses.

The above are the suggestions provided by NSELED on how to clean the LED display screen. If you have other needs about the LED display screen, please feel free to consult the website or directly contact email: sales@nseled.com, thank you!


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