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NSELED Poster in the UK

As NSELED's best-selling product, digital LED posters are popular with customers all over the world. Especially various event planning companies! That's because the flexibility and unique visual experience of our digital LED posters are very suitable for various activities. This article will use the wonderful cases of our British customers using digital LED posters to understand why our digital LED posters have been favored by various event companies.

British customers use digital LED posters in dart competitions

NSELED Poster in the UK

NSELED Poster in the UK

The focus of this case is that British customers place our posters on both sides of the stage, forming a unique visual effect. So what are the significant advantages of using NSE digital LED posters in dart competitions?

1. Real-time score display, increased viewing experience

Digital LED posters can give the audience instant feedback and display the player's score in real time on the digital LED poster. Both the audience and the players can see the results immediately, increasing the transparency and tension of the game. After connecting to the dart scoring system, the score will be automatically updated to avoid errors in manual recording.

2. Dynamic and multi-perspective display

Our digital LED posters can show the path of the dart, the location of the target, and real-time replay, making it easier for the audience to understand the progress of the game and the highlights. Capture the game screen through multiple cameras and switch different perspectives on the screen to provide a more comprehensive viewing experience.

3. Player personal information display

Display the player's basic information, record, game status, etc., so that the audience can better understand the player's background. You can also display the player's personal image to increase the player's influence and popularity.

4. Increase brand exposure and commercial value

We can display sponsor advertisements during the game or at a specific time to increase brand exposure and commercial value. Use dynamic and interactive advertisements to attract the audience's attention and improve advertising effectiveness.

5. Powerful interactive and live broadcast functions

Our digital LED posters can integrate interactive functions such as audience voting, real-time comments, and social media interactions to enhance audience participation. It also interacts with the audience through the screen to improve the atmosphere on the scene. Our digital LED posters also support live broadcast and playback functions, which can provide slow-motion playback and highlights of key rounds to enhance the audience's viewing experience.

In addition to applying posters in darts arenas, our digital LED posters are often used in various small and large events, such as trade shows, concerts, wedding celebrations, conferences, etc.

What advantages of NSE digital LED posters make them so popular?

1. Zero configuration, plug and play

Our digital LED posters support WIFI, USB, HDMI, and network cable connections. Users can use computers or smartphones for control, and the operation is simple and convenient. No other configuration is required, just plug it in and start using! Event planners do not need complicated technical guidance, which makes it completely user-friendly.

2. Flexible, thin, and unique design

Digital LED posters are very thin and light. Taking P3 as an example, it weighs only 35kg and the frame thickness is only 45mm; the screen base has wheels for easy movement. Transferring or transporting heavy equipment is a problem that many event planners are worried about. Using our digital LED posters will not have much trouble at all. Its thinness makes planning every event easier and easier.

3. Support multi-screen splicing

Digital LED posters support multi-screen splicing. For example, in our best-selling P3 model, 6 posters can achieve the golden ratio of 16:9; 10 posters can achieve 1080p high-definition effect. Our posters are very applicable. According to the splicing of multiple posters, you can adjust the size of the screen according to the scale of the event. Add brilliance to your event and leave an unforgettable experience for all participants!

4. Creative installation methods

Whether you want them to stand freely with a bracket, hang them on the wall, or hang them, our posters can do it all! Its flexibility provides customers with a variety of installation options, allowing you to stand out from all kinds of bland event planning!

5. Durable and reliable features

Our digital LED posters are very strong and durable. We have customer feedback that our posters can still be used well even after several years. It has good waterproof and dustproof effect, which can effectively meet the needs of more occasions. In addition, its maintenance and repair are also very simple and convenient, and our after-sales team and technical department will give you the best support.

If you also want to use our digital LED posters in your next event, please contact our sales team for the latest prices and services. We look forward to adding brilliance to your event and more cooperation with you!


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