Portable LED Sign


Applicable to all mobile vehicle for advertising campaigns

The place of activity and recreation has become an important place for contemporary young groups to socialize and play. Want to make your music festival, club, stage, theatre, stadium more lively? As the Best creative LED display manufacturer in China. NSELED will provide you the most professional solution with reliable products and timely service. Whatever your project is, our team will work out a satisfactory solution for you.



















Taxi has become an indispensable means of transportation in our life. Taxi rooftop advertising has become the most popular kind of publicity nowadays. Generally speaking, taxi, bus, and police cars can be equipped with roof taxi signs, which are able to display text, animation, pictures, videos, and other information. Compared with other media, taxi advertising has the advantages of low cost and wider reach. NSELED provides both single color and full-color taxi LED sign. According to our sales statistics, compared with the monochrome LED Taxi Screen, Full-color taxi LED advertising is more popular among the public.

Through continuous development and design, NSE is very mature in the field of LED Motion. Transparent Car Rear window and Taxi roof Advertising are not only available to improve screen utilization. They are also able to generate extra income for vehicle owners. Today, many customers from all over the world are replacing traditional taxi lightboxes with NSE Taxi top LED displays. The more innovative media will definitely bring a revolution to the advertising industry.  




















Transparent Car Rear window is applied to the rear window of the car. The transparency of the LED display is available to reach 70% and high brightness is up to 5000 nits. Even under strong sunlight conditions, the advertising content is vivid. The lightweight guarantees advertise your ads without adding a burden for your vehicle. NSELED focuses on providing LED Motion display. With years of project experience, our sales team can provide you professional suggestions on optimizing project solutions as well as timely support.


If you have any good ideas on improving NSE taxi top led screen and Transparent Car Rear Window, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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