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Create a unique and wonderful guest experience

Hotels and resorts have become the preferred places for people to relax and stay. A good environment and attractive decoration can enhance the customer's experience. Want to make your hotel or resort more attractive? The application of LED display screen will create a unique experience for customers. Let’s see what products NSELED can provide for hotels&resort.



















The digital LED poster can be used at the entrance, reception desk, lobby, meeting room, and aisle of the hotel. Smart LED poster is ultra-light and thin design with movable wheels on the bottom it can meet the needs of different applications. The LED poster display will create a unique background and eye-catching display for hotel events and news.

 Rental LED display with standard cabinet size 500*500mm or 500*1000mm. The cabinet is small, easy for the people to install, and remove. By using the rental screen you can get an LED background wall in a short time. The screen can be wall-mounted installation and also support hanging installation.



















People are always easily attracted to unique shapes, and flexible screens are good solutions. LED round pillars, curved reception desk, and wavy decoration are the highlights.

See-through transparent LED display is the high-end LED display, by using transparent LED display. The glass windows are well used, which will not block indoor light. and can broadcast advertisements to the outside, which makes the advertisements more creative. 


NSE has been continuously innovating in the past 3 years, improving the effect of LED screens and the design of innovative, providing customized services to meet all requirements. If you want to make your hotel&resort unique, please feel free to contact us to provide you with the best solution.

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