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Equip your church with new technology to make the congregation more visual enjoyable

Nowadays, the church is no longer just a place for believers to gather and pray. but also a place where new couples choose to get married and a place for religious festivals. As technology advances, the LED video wall becomes more affordable therefore it’s used more than ever before. To make the congregation as well as the events more visually enjoyable. Many worship venues have switched from projectors to LED Wall show for their viewing needs.



















With a larger viewing angle and high brightness. The LED video wall enables the delivery of messages, scripture, and information more effectively and creatively. Your content reaches the entire audience with bright and clear image quality, from the front row to the choir loft. LED Wall Screen are also easier to maintain and have much fewer replacement costs than projectors. LED Wall show is brighter but only needs half the power of other display products, it’s a more environmentally friendly and money-saving choice for house of worship.

Except for indoor fixed LED display. Which is traditionally used in the house of worship. the portable LED display, such as rental LED display and LED poster, are favored by more and more ownership as time goes by. Due to the flexible features of a portable LED display. the church production department can design different style stages via an LED panel. The portable LED screen is able to be spliced into various size and shape to meet the requirements of all kinds of activities in the church. Whether you are planning to use a seamless LED video wall for achieving live broadcast of events or would like a display for enhancing the sermon atmosphere. you can always find a solution from the NSELED team.




















The great advantages of the Digital LED poster are zero software configuration and easy installation. Considering the fixed LED display is relatively complicated to install. we designed a product called LED poster to meet the needs of end customers for the use of the LED Wall screen. It has multiple installation methods to choose from, such as standing, hanging, and wall-mounted. With the base on the bottom, the digital LED poster is able to be placed on the ground vertically. therefore it will cause no damage to the church building structure. Due to its lightweight and ultra-thin frame, the LED poster screen will add less burden to the facade if the wall-mounted installation is preferred.

As for some cathedral where could host the big religious event. the LED Wall Rental serves as an important element during the congregation. With the support of truss, you can scatter different size screens around the whole house of worship. wherever the participants set, they can always immerse themselves in the festival atmosphere. The rental LED display is able to be disassembled and kept into a flight case. to maximize the benefit of LED wall screen. the LED Wall show is available for renting out, therefore the extra income will come. 

















In recent years, one of the main market trends of LED video wall is the fine pixel pitch. The resolution of the indoor LED display wall is getting more popular day by day. The clear and fine image the HD LED display wall to deliver leaves unforgettable memory for those who join the worship. HD LED video display is usually permanently installed inside of the church, therefore the choice of location would be an important factor to concern.



No matter what your requirement or budget is, the NSELED sales engineer team will guide you through choosing the most suitable LED display wall from start to finish. Let LED video display shine along with the glory of God!

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