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What effect does a Indoor LED video wall?

Indoor LED video wall birth,Maturity and Growth of the Entire witness and iconic Gear,and now LED dedicated processing equipment in the process also Slowly Older,here we come to Know the indoor LED video wall:

1,the resolution of the standard conversion:Generally speaking,the picture signal source to provide the sign resolution includes a fixed specificationand directed screen The modular splicing of the screen allows the resolution to be almost any value.The Indoor Fixed LED Screen the a variety of signal settlements into the true screen.

2,color space conversion:LED screen color gamut is very wide,and most of the image accent color space is comparatively small.In order to make Indoor LED Display with excellent image screen,color space conversion has to be completed.

3,bit depth upgrade:the current video wall LED display gray scale was raised to 16 pieces,17 bits,but the input source is only 8 bits.Therefore,following the introduction of the era of high-definition display,10-bit or even 12-bit processing technologies in the use of video processors is the fad.

4,zoom:resolution specifications conversion process,the necessity to scale the picture,while it is increased or reduced resolution,it is possible to make the display display a complete picture.

Indoor LED video wall

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