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China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know

3D billboards have been a very hot topic in recent years. Whether people in the LED display industry or ordinary businesses are very familiar with the term 3D advertising. In the commercial centers of some big cities, you will also see huge 3D billboards. Many people will be shocked by the effect of 3D screen displays. Watching a 3D screen commercial is like watching a special effects movie, which makes people feel like they are inside the country. Therefore, many people go to big cities to watch 3D screens and check in on 3D screens. It has become compulsory homework for tourists. In today’s article, let’s take a look at China's 3d billboard projects and their future development directions.

1. Qingdao (1400㎡ Chinese 3d billboard)

Qingdao Parkson Plaza has built a 1,400㎡ Chinese 3d billboard. The large display screen has the characteristics of high refresh, high gray scale, high contrast, etc., and can accurately depict the color and pattern levels. The outdoor LED large screen adopts the current most high-end LED product technology, information integration technology, and video playback technology are combined with "special screen design + creative video materials" to achieve a combination of 5G+8K cutting-edge technology to achieve outdoor realistic, ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D display Effect.

China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know

2. Guangzhou (curved China 3d billboard)

Guangzhou "Xindaxin" has created the country's largest naked-eye 3D ultra-high-definition curved LED display, with an overall area of about 1,200 square meters. It uses outdoor "super 8K LED display + naked-eye 3D + AR interaction" customized creative LED display solutions for Guangzhou Xinda The new department store has upgraded its appearance and image, giving this century-old store a new look and becoming a landmark check-in point in Guangzhou.

China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know

3. Dongguan (outdoor naked-eye 3D billboards in China)

Dongguan's first urban-level 3d billboards in China of nearly 1,000 square meters is aptly known as the "Eye of Dongguan". The outdoor naked-eye 3D billboards have stable performance, rich colors, realistic display details, and a super 4K display effect. With the opening of the "Dongguan Eye", the surrounding area has transformed into a business district, becoming a landmark building integrating urban life destination, the first choice for food gatherings, a beauty collection base, a trendy entertainment gathering place, and a social attraction field, becoming a local landmark. The new trend check-in place.

China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know

4. Shanghai (ultra-large naked-eye Chinese 3d billboard display)

The large-area naked-eye 3D display built in the headquarters building of a well-known communications company in Shanghai has an L-shaped corner shape as a whole. It uses self-developed and customized modules to further improve the quality of the project. The naked-eye 3d billboard display has a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters and a total of 18.2 million pixels. It adopts a 1.6-meter-radius arc corner design to overcome the problem of folding at the corners, making the overall picture seamlessly connected, and the presentation effect is very modern and technological. The stylish building is integrated into one.

China 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2024: All You Want to Know

The future development direction of China 3d billboard

  1. In the field of media advertising, people have higher and higher requirements for media advertising screens. From the initial text playback to the current 5D billboard realistic effect display, with the continuous progress and development of the urban economy, streets, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. are increasingly demanding to advertise. Demand continues to increase, and in the future, we look forward to seeing more China 5D billboard displays shine in the advertising industry.

  2. In the entertainment field, Chinese 3d billboards have broad development prospects. In movies, games, etc., Chinese 3d billboard technology can bring more realistic visual effects to audiences and enhance the movie-watching and gaming experience. In the future, we look forward to seeing more entertainment products using naked-eye Chinese 3d billboard technology to bring a more immersive experience.

  3. In the field of education, china 3d billboards can provide students with a more intuitive and vivid visual experience. For example, in science classes, through the naked-eye China 3d billboard, students can see abstract concepts such as cell structure and earth structure more clearly, improving learning effects. In the future, we look forward to seeing naked-eye 3D technology being more widely used in the education field.

  4. In the medical field, 3d Billboard China can help doctors more accurately observe lesions in patients and improve the accuracy of diagnosis. In the future, with the continuous development of medical technology, we are expected to see more medical equipment using naked-eye 3d billboards in China to provide more convenience for medical services.

The 3d billboard China is not only a technological innovation, but also a new visual experience and communication method. It will change the way we see the world and inspire our creativity and imagination. Let us welcome this new era together and explore the infinite possibilities brought by 3d billboard China!


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