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Why are digital LED posters so popular among event planners

In this diversified society, the entertainment methods that satisfy people are constantly changing. As science and technology advance, the things displayed are also constantly diversified. In the face of market demand, LED displays are particularly important in event planning, because the use of LED displays can show more modern technological and design effects. When NSELED provided LED screens to various event planning companies and event planners, we discovered that the development market for digital LED posters is huge. Its flexibility and user-friendliness make it a regular fixture at events.

So why are digital LED posters so popular among event planners? This article will lead you to explore the benefits of using digital LED posters in various events and what is special about NSELED’s digital LED posters through the cases of four posters at the Canadian exhibition.

Why are digital LED posters so popular among event planners

What are the uses of digital LED posters in event applications worth exploring?

1. eye-catching

Our LED posters are available in both indoor and outdoor versions. The indoor brightness is 1200nits and the outdoor brightness is up to 5500nits. It is perfect for use in various places and has high flexibility. Its high brightness and dynamic effects grab more people's attention, making your event more eye-catching and keeping your brand, ads and videos in their minds. These are crucial for event planners.

2. Flexible and lightweight

LED posters can display more information, including text, images, videos, etc. While effectively conveying event information and promotional content, they can also adjust content and display methods according to the needs of different activities, with high flexibility. It is designed to be lightweight and flexible. For example, the P3 indoor digital LED poster weighs only 35kg. By splicing multiple units, it can also form a super large video wall. In addition, we can also customize sizes according to different needs, etc.

3. Long-term benefits

The durability and reliability of LED posters make them a long-term investment that can be used over and over again at multiple events, reducing event costs. In addition, compared with traditional printed posters, LED posters can flexibly change the content according to the theme of the event, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Many of our customers have sensed the huge business opportunities in this and have made a lot of money by purchasing multiple posters and then doing rental activities.

What are the advantages of NSELED’s posters that make them so popular among event planners?

LED poster supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, and network cable connections. Users can control it using a computer or smartphone. It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player that enables real-time zooming in and out without a video processor. The LED poster is equipped with 8GB memory and supports USB expansion. No need to worry about program size and running out of memory.

It's versatile and can be a standalone smart LED poster that can be daisy-chained to up to 10 units to play amplified video, images and text. By using different numbers of portable LED posters, the screen size can be easily adjusted into a giant LED video wall to display your stunning content. In addition, the LED poster display allows free-standing, wall-mounted, and hanging displays, and you can even add your personality through creative splicing.

Support customization and personalization

In addition to the standard models we currently provide, we also support customization of point pitch, screen size, installation method, brand logo, etc. to meet the various flexible needs of customers. For example, the LED poster screen can be double-sided, with a bracket that can adjust the tilt angle, and the screen height can also be adjusted. Customization is equivalent to providing customers with unique products, allowing customers to enjoy customized services while also increasing the specificity of customer content.

Fast shipping and stocking

NSE mass-produces 200-300 LED posters every month, ensuring ultra-fast delivery speed, and producing in the same batch ensures stable product quality. We have also passed CE & ROHS & FCC certifications, ensuring the stability and safety of the products, which can be freely used in your market and allowing customers to receive amazing products quickly without any delay.

Professional and timely after-sales service

To meet more customer needs and allow customers to use the screen more conveniently and worry-free, we have set up after-sales service offices around the world. These include the United States, Italy, Dubai, Japan, Ecuador, etc. Therefore, NSELED can provide convenient services to event planner customers nearby.

For more than a decade, NSE has built and maintained long-term relationships with satisfied customers like you around the world. We specialize in providing high-quality LED poster displays, a thorough understanding of customer needs, and reliable after-sales service. If you also want to purchase digital LED posters to add event effect to your event, please feel free to send us an inquiry.


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