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What are the advantages of the front-maintenance LED display solution?

A few years ago, the maintenance channel of most outdoor LED display is on the back of the screen. In this case, the installation site usually remains a large maintenance space on the rear of the LED screen. Not only that. the cabinet of the LED display is heavy and not very convenient to install. To solve this problem, there is another front serviceable cabinet comes into being. but still, the cabinet weight is heavy. Thanks to the development of technology. now we have a front maintenance LED module to choose from.


Taking P6.67 outdoor front serviceable LED module for example. The module size is 320mm*320mm. High-quality nationstar LED lamps and IC design guarantees a stable performance of the LED screens. It has several advantages as follow:


- Fast installation
The traditional LED module needs screws to be fixed on the cabinet. The front serviceable module has fast locks design on the back. the client can use a special tool to fix the module easily and fast. It's a labor and time saving solution.


- Thinner cabinet
The power supply, modules, cables, and controllers are all available to maintain from the front side of the LED display. There is no need to remain large maintenance space on the back. also, the cabinet door is not a necessity. the cabinet thickness can reduce to 80cm at least. comparing to the traditional outdoor LED display cabinet. which is 150cm-180cm. The front serviceable LED display solution has lighter weight. therefore a convenient installation can be achieved.


- Creative shape
The side of the module can be cut into various angles to meet the needs of different projects. This advantage ensures a more creative LED screen available.

- Dual maintenance available
The front serviceable LED module ensures the whole LED display can be maintained from the front side. At the same time, it can be maintained from the back as well.




















If you would like to have time & cost saving outdoor LED display solution. the front serviceable LED module is your best option. Contact us today to have a further discussion. you are most welcomed.


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