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The birth and rapid development of digital signage are closely related to the rapid evolution of the retail industry. The uniform store decoration makes consumers aesthetically fatigued. How retail provides an unforgettable shopping experience? NSELED creative flexible LED display and digital poster screen will provide your business an opportunity to communicate your brand message in a unique. the visual way that serves to captivate and engage your target audience.


Digital LED Poster














Portable and removable is one of the most important characteristics of LED poster screen. The digital LED poster will not be restricted by space, and can be moved to any place for advertising. The glass window advertisement will be a highlight. Place the LED poster screen behind the glass window to display the content of the product features and discount information to the outside. It will get much attention to passers.

Digital poster screen has the advantages of small size, lightweight, flexible size, and applicable use, It makes the LED poster Display can be applied to various window advertisements. The visual impact and rich display content brought by the LED poster display enhances the experience of the physical retail store, thereby increasing revenue.



Flexible LED Screen












The emergence of flexible LED screen technology has caused a great sensation in the field of electronic technology. Unlike conventional display screens, a flexible LED panel can create a variety of different shapes, such as round, column, wavy, S-shaped.

 The module of the flexible LED display with a magnet, which is more convenient for installation and maintenance. By using a flexible led screen can save the cost of future maintenance, thereby reducing customer costs. The unique shape will be more attractive to passers-by and improve sales efficiency. This makes more and more retail stores prefer to choose the flexible LED display for advertising.




Unlimited creativity, Unlimited display! Please try our digital poster screen or flexible LED screen to add value to your retail store brand. If you have better ideas or Suggestions, Please feel free to contact us.

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