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Applications of Smart LED Poster Display

Used in a variety of scenarios, this poster screen instantly draws attention wherever it is with its elegant appearance and outstanding visual performance.

For people who are surrounded by a stream of information every day, it can be a more competitive way to impact people than a regular small LED display.

Indoor LED poster display

(1) Shopping Center 

It can act as a mall guide to direct customers on the path of the mall, or as a powerful media to advertise some latest news and information about stores and restaurants to support promotions. Generally, they can be placed at the entrance of the mall, or at other obvious locations such as exits.

This can increase the sponsorship revenue and greatly improve the advertising effect. In short, it has become an integral part of the mall, helping users to gain an edge over other competitors in this fierce market.

(2) Hotel 

In this case, LED poster display can help to implement some other functions to replace human resources, such as booking and searching information.

Smart LED poster screens can help show customers important information such as promotions, booking status, monitoring, meal recommendations, maps, etc.

Therefore, it can help to reduce labor cost and enhance brand image.

(3) Airports 

LED poster screens are usually placed in airports because they can be used as an important part of commercial LED displays and display notices.

This can save budget compared to large commercial LED displays mounted on walls and is a great advertising option for your business and brand promotion.

(4) Banks 

It can be used to collect data from the entire banking system and assist with tasks such as filling out formats.

In addition, the smooth display helps to show information such as corporate videos, financial policies, guide people to do banking, etc.

It can simplify and shorten the whole integration process of collection and analysis between different bank branches, thus generating considerable economic benefits.

Outdoor LED posters

(1) Bus Station

This is a typical application scenario of outdoor poster LED display. It can be used for activities such as ticket information inquiry, sponsorship advertising campaign, and schedule release.

People can watch these contents carefully while waiting for the bus, creating profits for users.

(2) Neighborhood

It can provide more convenience for residents, such as providing information on residents, community announcements, safety alerts, rental information, notifications, etc.

This can enhance the living standard of the whole community and help to protect people's safety.

(3) Smart City Construction

It is said that smart LED posters can be one of the focuses of smart city construction, and many cities are planning to invest in more such facilities in combination with other smart facilities.

In addition, it also has multiple features such as almost no light pollution, low power consumption, automatic brightness adjustment, high-definition display effect, etc.

Applications of Smart LED Poster Display

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