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Taxi LED Display vs Cab LCD Display

The difference between LED displays and LCD displays is not that big. Familiarity with the pros, cons and benefits is critical to choosing the best display for your specific needs. You need to look at everything from size to brightness, contrast, durability, clarity, vibrancy and many other features.


Brightness: LED displays are much brighter than LCDs. They work well and still look great, even in direct sunlight. You can't always rely on ambient light.

Power Consumption: Power consumption is one of the most important points, and it is about ten times more efficient than LCDs. The construction of this LED display is also very energy efficient.

Viewing angle: LEDs have a wider viewing angle compared to LCDs, so you can display graphics better from different angles.

Refresh rate: LED displays can convert electricity into light, resulting in a faster refresh rate. This helps in clearer videos with less latency and ghosting. In addition, due to their superior color gamut, LED screens can display more colors than traditional screens.

Contrast ratio: LED display panels can adjust the brightness level of individual pixels, providing local dimming. This feature allows for a smooth, even transition between bright and dark across the screen, whereas LCDs can only darken a small portion of the screen at a time. The high contrast ratio allows users to see the screen better in different environments, including bright sunlight and at night. For example, brightness can be easily adjusted by user preference.

Working life: The average life span of LED screens is about 15 years, while the average life span of LCD screens is about 8 years. But LED screens are still better because they last longer.

Color gamut: Full-color LED displays are more accurate, vivid and vibrant than traditional displays.

Environmentally friendly: LED displays are more environmentally friendly than LCDs because you don't have to replace them as often, and they contain no mercury, so you don't create landfill waste when you discard them. In addition, they consume less power and last longer, so they waste fewer natural resources.

LEDs are great for video walls because they have wide viewing angles, are easy to use and require little maintenance.

LCDs are best suited for tiled displays, but the bezels on these displays are still problematic. They can cause visual gaps and obstructions, and tight spaces can be a problem when designing displays.

Size: LED displays can be made in any size. However, LCDs are usually only available in the standard sizes set by the manufacturer.


Higher initial price point: LEDs can be more expensive than LCDs. However, the longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs make them more competitive with LCDs.

Taxi LED Display vs Cab LCD Display

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