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LED Poster Display Price

The final LED poster display price may be varied due to many factors such as raw material prices, different component brands, and shipping and packaging.

However, digital LED poster displays are usually more affordable than other kinds of LED displays. There are some factors that determine this, such as specifications, raw materials, core technology, etc.

Even with a small budget, you can still get a functional and stable LED poster screen!

Here are some factors related to the price of LED posters:

(1) Driver IC

This component directly affects the visual effect of LED posters. the more the number and function of ICs, the higher the price will be.

(2) LED lamp beads

The brands of LED lights we provide to our customers are generally Guoxing, Sanan, and Golden Light. Generally speaking, the price of Guoxing LED lights will be more expensive than that of Golden Light and Sanan.

(3) LED power supply

640*1920*45mm poster LED display generally has a maximum power consumption of about 900w/sqm and an average power consumption of about 350w/sqm.

(4) Packaging

The packaging is divided into three kinds: carton packaging, plywood box packaging and airline box packaging.

(5) Pixel Pitch

This depends on your viewing distance. The finer the pixel pitch, the higher the price of LED posters.

(6) Others

There are other factors that will determine the cost. For example, whether the customer has custom requirements.

Just ask your salesperson for an up-to-date quote, tell them what you need, and we will give you a reasonable price!

LED Poster Display Price

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