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LED display posters common troubleshooting

(1) interference stripes will appear on the screen when powering on or off.

Generally this problem is caused by the interference of the graphics card signal. Just try to adjust the position of the monitor or card.

(2) No image, the indicator blinks

First, check whether the signal cable is loosely connected to the monitor.

Second, check whether there is any problem with the signal cable interface.

Third, check the line card system.

(3) No response to power on

Just use a multimeter to test the power supply. If the light is on, it means that the power supply can work normally, then turn to detect other components.

(4) Short circuit

We provide four methods to detect the problem.

a. Voltage drop detection.

First, power off the monitor to avoid risk.

Second, use the voltage drop function to detect the voltage drop value of different pins. Generally speaking, the pins on the same IC should be the same.

b. Resistance detection.

Use a multimeter to check the resistance value of the normal board and other boards to see if the value is different from the normal value.

c. Short circuit detection.

First, turn off the screen. Second, use a multimeter to find out where the short circuit.

However, the LED poster screen is stable and can serve you for more than 10 years, most of the time without major problems. So you do not have to worry about there will be a lot of technical problems you need to deal with.

d.Voltage detection.

Check the ground voltage at a point of the circuit you think there is a problem, and compare the detected value with the normal value.

LED display posters common troubleshooting

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