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Euroshop 2020

EuroShop is the World’s No.1 retail trade fair. It’s held every three years on the grounds of Messe Düsseldorf. The trade event is not only the source of information and inspiration for professionals and decisions on every conceivable aspect of retailing. but also a showcase for trends and innovations. 

At the beginning of 2020, NSELED euro brand participated Euroshop fair and displayed several hot selling LED display products. Focusing on R&D portable LED display, the exhibits we bring this time includes P3 indoor poster screen. P2 HD poster screen, circle logo led sign, and taxi top LED sign.







As you can see the LED display installed on the wall, they are made of 2 pieces of P3 indoor poster screen. The Poster screen standing single near the table is P2 HD Poster screen. the single-unit resolution is 384x960, using 3 pieces will be available to form a 1080P screen. The taxi top advertising sign we brought is the P2.5 HD model, from P5 to P2.5, we are leading the trend of the taxi top LED sign. Since Euroshop is a retail trade fair, our circle logo LED logo sign presented. as a great option for a retailer who is striving to stand out from the crowd. changeable images and videos are useful elements to catch the audience’s attention. therefore expanding brand influence and increase sales.


 At the fair, we have seen many interesting retail shops. Through communication with some of them, we learned a lot about how to serve end customers better. We also met many of our European clients at the fair, it was great to talk with them about the business and market trend. the brainstorming helped us to gain more inspiration on how to schedule the market plan in this brand new year!




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